Switching from 2D Drafting to BIM - ARCHLine.XP webinar


Being able to provide your services complying with BIM standards is becoming more and more of a requirement. However, switching from 2D drafting to BIM might seem to be difficult, time consuming and expensive.

The topic of this webinar is to show how ARCHLine.XP can make your transition to BIM smooth and effective.

Meet our guest speaker:

Wannes Malaise is an independent architectural draftsman from Belgium. He is proficient in several CAD platforms, his specialties are surveys, visuals, BIM drawings and 3D design.

He has done projects for transportation companies Alfred Talke and H.Essers; conducted zoning plans and measured surveys on halls, houses, and other real estates; and has been involved with many other remodeling and renovation jobs. More info on him here.

Topics discussed

  • why he needed to switch from his previous CAD platform to ARCHLine.XP.
  • the efforts needed to learn the new platform
  • how the software’s BIM abilities enhanced the way he works now

He will present us his latest project in which everything – floorplans, site plans, BIM data, and visuals – was done entirely with ARCHLine.XP.