Case Studies

Converting Point Cloud Data to CAD Drawings for Surface Mining Plan in France


The Client

Mining and construction, France

The Objective

With the inputs of aerial scanned data using drones and sample drawings, client needed the enlisted outputs:

  • Surface plans with quality assurance and accuracy for efficient decisions making
  • Final stockpiles volume with detailed excel reports
  • Project completion within a timeframe of 24 hours


AutoCAD, Global Mapper, FME, Mensura, Google Earth


  • Studying the uneven slope, road subbase  and understanding the topography in a short period from scanned data beforehand the conversion to CAD begins
  • Steep banks, overgrown areas and other complex topography demanded skillful interpretation to deliver accurate engineering drawings and placement of safety berms
  • Interpretation of fissures and cracks in the scanned data before preparing surface plans for safety operations
  • Client’s requirement of highly accurate CAD drawings and preparing Stockpile reports in a smaller time window



  • Hi-Tech engineers studied the scanned files, acquisition details and Ortho-photography, and converted them to CAD drawings of surface plan such as haul road, safety berm, quarry face and most important computation of Stockpiles using point cloud data
  • A detailed report was prepared in excel for project documentation and mining site data analysis for the lifecycle of mine


  • Our project team used AutoCAD and Mensura software for studying spatial information and site topography to convert the scans into CAD engineering drawings and hence engineering and business actionable intelligence
  • To assure quality, we followed a well-organized and a closed loop communication channel that included checklists, responsibility matrix, quality parameters and feedback from client.


  • Along with quality drawings we also adhered to standards for project referencing documents
  • Established easy and safe workflow chart for digging the mine
  • Fast computation and measurement of the scanned geography
  • Quality checks performed in three folds of Self QC, Peer QC and Random audits by Quality managers 
  • Established trust with the client and ventured into a longer partnership for more projects

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