BIM Journal Issue 3 - BIM in Infrastructure

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Interested in BIM in the Infrastructure sector? You're not alone.

This issue of BIM Journal identifies and introduces a timely snapshot of BIM adoption in several key infrastructure sectors today. Underpinned by choice case studies and interview sessions with participants directly at the coal face, the contents of this issue can be seen below:

  1. BIM in Infrastructure (Better Information Management) - Introduction
  2. ICE: Has DIgital's Impact on Civil Engineering Really Hit Us Yet?
  3. The Smart Road Ahead (inc Q&A with David Lowery)
  4. Crossrail: All Aboard the Digital Express (inc Case Studies by Waldeck)
  5. Watertight BIM (inc Case Studies by Bentley)
  6. Nuclear BIM and Digital (inc Q&A with Philip Isgar)
  7. ICE: Making a Success of Change Management (ICE with Romy Hughes)
  8. ICE: Digital Improvements (ICE with David Philp)
  9. COBie: The Long and Winding Road

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