4D BIM – Ease of work to Contractors or Managers


Nowadays, the benefits that 4D building information modeling give to the general contractors or project managers are really appreciable. BIM really help them for enhancing project delivery and productivity. 4D BIM integrates time, the fourth dimension, with the 3D model and it has huge potential for articulating better management scenarios.

Simulations that are created by using BIM can help the contractors in different ways. Contractors use 4D simulations extensively, as they show the step by step process of construction and thereby give better understand the project and process. With 4D simulations, contractors can optimize the resources even better, make the improvements on the onsite workflow and utilize the budget more appropriately depending on the requirements of the projects.

Coordination and clash detection

Clashes are occurring naturally between structural, architectural and MEP systems during the coordination process. The further errors in the model can be reduced, if the clashed are detected well before. 4D BIM model enables them to solve the problems and to save a large amount of money.

Cost reduction

If the actual construction is free from errors, the contractors can reduce reworks much that help them save huge amount of money. This suggests that the process of coordination reduces the scope for any further interference and clashes and it reduces the cost of project. Cost reduction is not the only benefit of 4D BIM model. But it also enhances communication between various teams working on the project.

Enhancement of productivity

The BIM model, which is generated with the help of Revit software, eliminates the time based clashes in order to simplify the work. As the model can be coordinated properly, the clashes can also be reduced quickly. It speeds up the overall construction process that will help increase the productivity tremendously. If the contractors can complete the project fast, they can also do the delivery on time. In short, 4D BIM model diminishes the risk of untimely deliveries and improve the productivity.

Source: www.revitmodelingindia.com/bim-4d-ease-to-contractors-managers