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Dalux puts augmented reality to work building a hospital


Dalux, Denmark-based company that does building information modeling, Wednesday launched an augmented-reality phone app designed to give construction workers an edge.

The so-called BIM platform, intended to assist construction crews in the field by providing visual overlays via mobile phone camera as well as floor plans, is currently being used in Denmark’s Faroe Islands to assist with the construction of an extension for the national hospital there.

According to Dalux’s blog, the construction crew on the ground is using the augmented-reality mobile platform to increase coordination and task management to meet the demands for timely construction completion.

Sonni Seyer, information and communications technology coordinator on the construction project, said that using Dalux helped “save all parties time and pain and [prevent] many unnecessary conflicts.”

The project will build a state-of-the-art care facility wing onto the Faroe Islands National Hospital with complex automated systems for heating, plumbing, waste management and laundry. The project is expected to cost 500 million DKK ($77.1 million USD) and be ready by February 2021…

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