7 BIM Manager tasks that helps your business grow


Today companies in construction industry wonder whether they need a BIM Manager or they don’t? What are BIM Managers tasks ? How hiring a BIM Manager could be helpful? Etc. With this post, we have tried to cover the roles and responsibilities of bim manager in seven ways.

A full-time BIM manager or a person, who can perform the task of ensuring productivity with no frustration, is a necessity for construction firms today. A BIM manager takes up the leadership role and ensures the improvement in quality of all the projects in the organization. There are many responsibilities and a significant role for a BIM manager in a construction firms. BIM Managers are responsible for the positive transformation ensure the firms offer improved services and designs to its clients.

Bringing a change in mindset:

Changing over the workforce of the firm to a new technological reform applicable industry wide, for example transformation from hand drawing to AutoCAD and now from AutoCAD to Revit. These changes are quite intensive incorporating many consecutive tasks concurrently to be operational. As it may take long time from several months to several years depending on the firm’s approach, the BIM manager is called upon to do this task. It is his/her duty to set up a plan of actions and steps to fulfill the requirements of the firm and the progress of the company along its goals.

Acquaint staff with the new technology:

As it is the responsibility of a BIM manager to teach and train the users, he should be an expert in that software. The major portion of a day of BIM manager is spent for giving training to users in specific software. The responsibility is not limited just in the main drafting program, but it includes various programs to boost the productivity of the users. Essentially, BIM manager is responsible for ensuring the accessibility to the tools by the users and their effectiveness and productivity.

Creating the ground of the project through template creation:

Generating the content for the firm to use or training staff members is the other task of BIM manager. As the elementary of any project lies in the project template created during the initial phase of the project. This enable projects to look same and offers the capacity to pre-load general tools and content.

Ensuring the adherence of standards:

Making everyone follow the documented standards is a tricky task, as everybody has their own way of doing things and nobody likes to be forced to do in a particular way. So encouraging the members in a firm to adhere to the standards tactfully and effectively is the responsibility of the BIM manager. He should do this task without generating the feel of enforcement.

Intensive research and implementing the latest developments:

As constant changes happen in technology, the BIM manager is updated with the current trends. Whenever a more productive tool comes, he suggests implementing it. BIM manager tasks involved finding new programs & methods and studying the best practices in the industry.

Designing the workflow for project execution:

BIM managers assist the firm to develop the BIM execution plan of the firm and trains on the best practice processes for a multitude tasks.

Resource assessment and improvements as required:

BIM manager finds way to measure the growth of a person in the software and he represents it graphically for the firm’s review. It helps the firm get feedback of the employees and identify the areas of improvement.

Here I would even like to share an interesting video from Autodesk on “Who Needs a BIM Manager”, presented by Paul Morrison – Technical Director, ProCAD Consultants.