How to assess MEP capabilities of BIM service providers


Electing a company that follows right codes and standards as applicable for the projects using the virtual construction 3D BIM models will help you match your construction workflow. The reputed companies document client’s preferences and standards using ISO certified process. As a result, they can closely work with stakeholders and thereby avoid clash and rework.

HVAC Sheet Metal Model Creation

Always try to appoint a leading BIM service provider to build a HVAC sheet metal model for single or all trades of MEP or Fire protection. A BIM service provider needs engineering documents with a several inputs including the design and contract documents and project specification sheets. Using these documents, he can resolve clashes and coordinate the model with all mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades. HVAC models, which are created with Hangers and Trapeze can be expanded using architectural, structural and other utility sources information.

Mechanical piping and room layout

Mechanical piping models are usually created to show the accurate location of equipment and piping system hoop-ups. Coordinated 3D piping models, room layout and shop drawings for various mechanical applications can be made with the help of 3D Building Information Modeling and using this model, we can generate exhaustive spool drawings. It also helps to calculate accurate procurement with quantity take-off. But, you should always try to select an efficient BIM service provider, who can work according the expectation of the clients by giving services from conceptual design to layout.

Plumbing Model

Plumbing model can help in reducing cost and job site congestion, it also provides a safe working condition, as well as improves manpower performance. As plumbing is an important part of construction, you always have to be very careful while hiring a BIM professional for creating plumbing model. The BIM provider you choose should be experienced in MEP and plumbing domains and be capable of dealing with many plumbing projects. It is better to select one, who is familiar with the major software platforms such as Bentley, Revit and AutoCAD. Such people can give permanent solutions for you. Moreover, it is also very important to check whether they have created the model as per your requirements and the relevant codes of your country. So, before hiring a BIM service provider for plumbing model creation, make sure whether it can understand your process.

Medical Gas system Model

BIM helps to create a medical Gas system model that can be used in planning, managing and setting up medical gas systems in healthcare construction. Coordinated 3D Medical Piping system, Medical Gas system shop drawings, Spooling Layout/Fabrication and Quantity Take-Offs can benefit you to build a medical gas system model for healthcare industry.

No matter, you want MEP & HVAC shop drawings, HVAC duct system design services or digital prefabrication; you can select a leading BIM service provider, who can analyse, collaborate and coordinate through BIM. BIM ensures a better project planning and therefore it is the right solution.