How Outsourcing Building Information Modeling Cuts Overall Costs for Architectural and Engineering Projects


Carrying out Building Information Modeling (BIM) for architectural and engineering projects refers not only to the handling of graphical data but also to that of non-graphical information and of combining it within a cyclical and interdisciplinary process throughout the lifecycle of a project.

With BIM, an in-depth digital model is made from inception and supplemented with information during each step of the design, construction, and operational process. Such a model can contain a very large amount of data including all the properties, quantities and geometric characteristics of an architectural or engineering project as well as its source data. This data can be handled increasingly through cloud-based platforms and that is a key driver, not only behind the take-up of BIM but also of outsourcing, or offshoring, BIM services across the world.

The general benefits of BIM for architectural and engineering projects

The general benefits of BIM in the architectural and engineering sector are well known for improving productivity, reducing waste and costs through program efficiencies, decreasing the need for rework through early clash detection, providing coordinated, accurate documents, tracking changes (including quantities), improving construction quality and safety and facilitating comprehensive and detailed visualization of in progress and completed works.

The long-term cost savings possible, when the whole life of a BIM project is considered, are a particularly enticing proposition – especially as quality, safety, and environmental standards can be met or even exceeded. However early stakeholder involvement, including that of offshore BIM experts is a key requirement to enable this.

The need to outsource to reduce costs

Now, more than ever before, architectural and engineering design teams are expected to produce much more with less. That goes as much for labor as it does for materials and time. In today’s competitive global market, with many areas suffering from lack of skilled labor, to keep costs low, without compromising quality and maintaining customer focus, the need to outsource is becoming stronger.

Offshore BIM service providers for the architectural and engineering sector will often provide:

  • An experienced collaborative team of Architects and Engineers, who have worked together for years, originally outsourcing CAD services, and now outsourcing developed BIM capability
  • Standardized, customized services at affordable prices
  • Fast resolution and detection with constant availability
  • A timely service with high customer satisfaction
  • Advanced technology and software for BIM services
  • Significant experience over many projects in many countries

Combining the general benefits of BIM with the need to outsource to reduce costs for architectural and engineering projects

To Western organizations, outsourcing, or offshoring, BIM to countries with more economic skilled labor for these operations such as India can significantly reduce costs for architectural and engineering projects. This has held true for the 3D BIM sector but is becoming increasingly relevant for services in 4D and 5D BIM, including during construction from the field and beyond during project closeout, commissioning and facilities management stages. During the field stages an increasing amount of architectural and engineering mobile application usage, testing, and monitoring work is required.

Various services from offshore service suppliers using the latest hardware may be available to provide a digital model and BIM production support throughout an architectural or engineering project lifecycle.

Outsourced BIM can include an array of BIM-specific services. These may include some or all of the following:

BIM Modeling, BIM MEP, BIM Coordination, Clash Detection, Quantity Take-Off, 4D Simulation, 5D Cost Modeling, Lean Construction, Revit Family Creation, Scan to BIM Services, Steel Structures, and Fabrication Drawings.

As the amount of information and documents associated with architectural and engineering projects is vast and varied, consider outsourcing BIM services to a BIM provider such as IndiaCADworks who can reliably host the necessary information and provide the added value of working with an established of collaborative team where all participants are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

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