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Winners announced for the 2017 Aconex Connect Awards


Aconex Limited (ASX: ACX), provider of the #1 global platform connecting teams on construction and engineering projects, has announced the winners of the Aconex Connect Awards, recognising industry best practices across vertical sectors throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Now in their second year, the 2017 Aconex Connect Awards honour 30 customers worldwide for innovation in delivering significant construction and infrastructure projects efficiently and economically. 

“The winners of the Aconex Connect Awards have shown us the future of our industry,” said Paul Perrett, chief operating officer of Aconex. “These individuals and their companies have achieved outstanding results by digitising their project data and processes in creative ways. This has enabled them to focus on what they do best – building quality assets on time and on budget under challenging circumstances.”

Outstanding Results

Listed below are examples of compelling metrics achieved by 2017 Aconex Connect Award winners worldwide:

  • BAM International reduced RFI cycles by 50%, and accelerated approval of both multidimensional models and shop drawings through continuous updates using Aconex Connected BIM. 
  • Balfour Beatty saved approximately £1.3 million over 20 months by reducing errors and rework through document version control.
  • Burns & McDonnell reduced average response times for workflow requests by 64%, from 14 days to 5 days, and for mail by 80%, from 5 days to 1 day.      
  • FourSQ increased efficiency by an estimated 25-30%, improved quality by 25-30%, and reduced tendering time by 50%.
  • Grocon / PCL Joint Venture saved approximately A$778,000 in time and labour and A$950,000 in reporting over 4.5 years.
  • Hacer Group reduced average turnaround times for RFIs by 55%, from 5-6 days to 2.5 days.
  • Hawkins reduced the annual cost of project reporting by an estimated NZ$2.2 million while increasing visibility of key performance indicators (KPIs), and expects to save an estimated NZ$250,000 in administrative costs on improved quality assurance inspections, leading to reductions in rework.
  • Metro de Santiago reduced project implementation time by 91%, from 45 hours to four hours.
  • NGE expects to save up to €40,000 per day on late penalties through workflow management and up to €600,000 on document management across sites over five years.
  • Parsons saved approximately US$5.8 million on improved efficiency of document reviews and US$1.6 million over four years on the redeployment of document controllers. 
  • Rio Tinto saved an estimated US$3 million over four years by reducing overlap times for information transfer during employee rotations.


Aconex customers were nominated for the Aconex Connect Awards in three categories: 

  1. Hero Award – managing change in projects to minimise risk and save costs 
  2. Project Award – collaborating effectively across project teams for successful delivery 
  3. Enterprise Award – standardising best project practices across enterprise portfolios.

A list of selected 2017 Aconex Connect Award winners appears below:

UK and Europe

  • ADP Ingénierie – Hero Award to Marc Genteuil for standardisation across projects.
  • Balfour Beatty – Hero Award to Andrew Richardson for implementation and Project Award for compliance to Steve Wright on the Burbo Bank Extension Wind Farm in the Irish Sea.
  • NGE – Project Award to Walter Guyonvarch for system configuration on a high-speed broadband network project in Alsace, France.
  • NODAL – Hero Award to Jacques Fabbi for driving system adoption.
  • VINCI Construction Grands Projets – Project Award to Laura Asis, Anthony Chappet and Oleg Sorin for cross-continental BIM collaboration on the National Research Oncology Center (NROC) in Kazakhstan.

Middle East

  • ALEC – Enterprise Award for digital process optimisation.
  • BAM International – Enterprise Award to Bindu Sunil for process standardisation.
  • Louis Berger-Egis Rail Joint Venture – Hero Award to Mohammed Zahid Khan for process optimisation and Project Award for project performance on the Doha Metro in Qatar.
  • Meraas – Enterprise Award to Ahmed Al Jubouri for digital transformation and innovation.
  • Qatar Railways – Project Award to Abdurahim Palapparambil for program implementation on three Qatar Rail projects.
  • Riyadh Metro Transit Consultants – Project Award to Mohamed Anas for process management on the Riyadh Metro in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • China Road and Bridge Corporation – Project Award to Hu Junquan for project management on the Belt and Road motorway project in Pakistan.
  • China State Construction Corporation – Project Award to Li Ganchun for project management on the Belt and Road motorway project in Pakistan.


  • FourSQ – Hero Award to Andrew Cory for quality.
  • Hacer Group – Hero Award to Ivan Marinovic for implementation of Aconex Field and BidContender.
  • Grocon / PCL Joint Venture – Project Award for compliance during the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) project in Melbourne.
  • Hawkins – Enterprise Award to Craig Watkins for advanced analytics through application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • John Holland – Enterprise Award to Tim Crisp for accelerated adoption and optimisation.
  • Mirvac Constructions – Project Award to Boris Djakovic for project lifecycle management on the EY Centre at 200 George Street in Sydney.


  • Burns & McDonnell – Hero Awards to Patricia Sullivan for job site digitization vision and Allison Smith for enterprise-wide implementation; Enterprise Award to both for partnering for client success.
  • Metro de Santiago – Project Award to Ricardo Villagrán for project start-up on the P63 rail line in Santiago, Chile.
  • Metrolinx – Hero Award to Uliana Meldal-Johnsen for process efficiency.
  • Parsons Corporation – Hero Awards to Hans Hoppe for risk mitigation and Yadira Merryman for driving adoption; Project Award to Hans Hoppe for project performance on the Interstate 405 highway in southern California.
  • Rio Tinto – Hero Award to Luis Hidalgo for information transfer and Project Award for project performance on the Holden Mine Remediation in the state of Washington.