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Intelligent 3D Curtain Wall Design


I am not so sure that I would like to start a career in engineering knowing I was blundering in order to learn. But his point is bluntly put – that what we call knowledge is gained through making mistakes.

In other words, engineers push the envelope in design, making things bigger or lighter until they fail and then seeking out what went wrong.

In some cases, this leads to fundamental research to capture the laws of nature in formulae. In other cases, it leads to best practice or rules.

This is how the aerospace industry has made flying one of the safest modes of transport.

So why not apply this knowledge and practice in the design of Glass Curtain Walls? Capture the knowledge and practice of others in formulae and rules.

Well, at Desktop Engineering we have taken this idea and developed what we term an Intelligent Glass Façade for façade designers and fabricators.


Using Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, we have captured the rules and formulae that drive the shape, strength, weight and cost of a panel, together with the transom, mullion and gasket design.

By using this intelligent templated design, with an automated process for replicating them on a 3D building model, in minutes users are able to create a full design, together with manufacturing drawings, material schedules and costs.

Alternate designs can be recreated by simply varying one or several parameters and then seeing the resultant recalculated cost and design.

Of course there is no one single set of “knowledge” or “experience” as then there would be no differentiation between competing façade fabricators. However, with the basis of one set of Knowledge within our Intelligent Glass Façade, we are able to customise this to suit particular fabricators.

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Republished with permission from Geoff Haines.

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