Implementing BIM in Project during construction


The use of BIM for this project implemented during the construction phase. From conventional to BIM. The main objective of the use of BIM for the above project are as follows:

  1. Meet customer needs and project teams through 3D visualization
  2. To facilitate and ease the design review
  3. To minimize conflicts during the construction phase
  4. To verify construction schedule of work
  5. Record model for as-built model

The challenges of BIM in the project are:

  1. BIM implemented during the construction phase - there's a lot of RFI to get the data in order to complete the models
  2. BIM services provider appointed separately - separate contract due to late in appointed of BIM consultants. 
  3. Competency of the project team in BIM implementation
  4. Cooperation between all parties working together
  5. Mentality to adapt BIM
  6. Lack of software and hardware on site
  7. vii BIM work processes vs conventional during construction

In conclusion, the use of the BIM model in this project can help:

  1. better decision during design review
  2. better 3D visualization to the customer and the project team on site
  3. reduce conflict during the clash on site
  4. the project team can monitor the work schedule from contractors using 4D simulation
  5. assist in providing information for the model record

With the use of BIM, this may indirectly help the project team to have a better decision if there is a clash detection, further improve coordination and communication between all parties involved.

Other than that, BIM should be started at early phase of project!

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