BIM Journal Issue 2 - All BIM Roles Explored

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Don't know your Task Team Manager from your Information Manager? You're not alone.

BIM Journal explores these many roles and their impact (and longevity) in the eyes of leading practitioners today. 

Contents of Issue 2:

  1. BIM: What's in a Name?
  2. Information Manager
  3. BIM Manager
  4. BIM Coordinator, Task Team Manager etc
  5. BIM Technician vs Architectural Technician
  6. Ad Watch: BIM Recruitment
  7. Conclusion: What's in a Name?
  8. BIM for Marketers

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Nathan Hudson

Hello - Please feel free to drop me a line (especially if you're in Training or Academia - huge developments going on for you here). I am also the editor of BIM Journal.

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