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BIM improves modeling and workflow of structural engineering.


When we talk of Construction, safety is the primary concern.  There are frequent cases of accidents on the construction sites.  Usually, these accidents are life threatening.  To avoid an occurrence of such accidents, we can use different kinds of technologies to support safety on construction sites.

“Use technology for supporting safety in construction and avoid all the future accidents and get practical results.”

Workers often encounter accidents while working on the sites, which lacks in technology and taking safety measures.  And these accidents lead to the delaying of the completion of the work.  They have to bear heavy losses due to this.  To avoid all these fatal incidents and have risk free working for both, it`s better to take help of technologies and create safety on site.

Let’s explore some technologies that can create safety in this arena.

Laser technology is a technique of gathering external data using laser scan, which collects the correct distance of the scanned area. This method is also named as light detection and ranging (LIDAR).

Mobile technology helps in getting the exact picture of the area and then it can be communicated to the respective departments.

Different visualization software's like Revit, Sketch-up, 3D Max, Navisworks, etc. can be helpful for identifying the critical points or places on the construction site After identifying the key areas where accidents can occur proper safety measures can be taken to avoid the accidents by visualizing and planning. Availability of safety equipment can also be checked during planning for safety issues. Walkthrough in software's can be used for interior and exterior visualization of the site for identifying the accident prone areas.

The government also favors the use of different technologies in building.  And many a time, it is made mandatory by them to use techniques and follow proper measures to support safety in construction and only then you are authorized to continue working.  Foreign countries take great help of technology on a daily basis, which has given them good results in the construction sector by avoiding accidents and life hazards.  But developing countries like ours are still gaining up the use of technology in this area, whereas there are other developing countries which lag far behind in its use.  Surveys have suggested that where there is less use or no use of technology in construction, there are regular occurrences of fatal accidents.  If you are using mobile technology or laser or other, it makes it easy to avoid accidents.  Overall, the construction industry can do great if they take the benefits of technology for creating safety in construction.