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Virtual Reality: Efficient for Visualization conceptual design


Hospital in the USA in which Vibim provided a BIM outsourcing service, a scalable project requiring an optimized product process via BIM integration, especially in using Revit model into the conceptual design stage through “virtual reality” technology.

We cooperated with the design consultant company, creating the process of optimizing design  and integrating stereo panorama to set a perfect VR environment.

The product supported the architect very well to utilize the Revit model after design, presenting the concept to all with sharp and alive pictures for the viewer to review

Thye links below enable easy access on a smartphone: 

1. Main Entrance 
2. Garden
3. Lobby
4. Dropoff
5. Ped room
6. CT scan
7. Procedure
8. Family waiting
9. LDR room
10. Medsurb
11. ICU room
12. Imaging waiting
13. Cafeteria
14. OR room
15. Postpatrum

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