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BCF – BIM Collaboration Format


BCF is a file format created for communication between several BIM softwares. This communication happens through a tool known as BCF-Server.

BCF History

Version 1 of BCFxml was developed by Solibri and Tekla in 2010. Over time it was suggested that other developers also work with this format, within an open standard (Open BIM).

In 2014, buildingSMART took on the development of the working standard, which went on to version 2 of BCFxml and other developers, as DDS and Nemetschek started adopting this standard of communication in their software.

As of 2014, buildingSMART released the BCFapi parameters, thus enabling BCF Web services and the creation of applications to support software developers who did not develop their own BCFxml programming.

And in July 2016 buildingSMART released a note stating that it is developing the parameters for BCF 2.1, making some improvements in this standard.

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