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BIM Journal Issue 01 - Out Now!


Welcome to Issue 1 of BIM Journal, a themed publication that will deep dive into a pertinent topic of the day from within the BIM/ Digital AEC realm.

Being a very technical publication (you can find the latest gossip and news already here) BIM Journal consolidates and disseminates much of the debate around the topic of BIM, presenting example projects and thought leadership from leading professionals around the world.

In this first edition, we look at the debate around Open BIM with specific reference to buildingSMART International’s Open BIM standards and approach. We discuss many of the concepts surrounding Open BIM, including the benefits of an open and transparent framework for BIM, but also some of the perceived drawbacks and the evolution of the market in line with Open BIM adoption. We also examine the development of a more open and competitive market for associated software vendors too.

Within the greater topic of Open vs closed or “normal” BIM, we speak with a number of leaders in thought and practice by highlighting their opinions, contributions and wider concerns regarding the evolution of BIM and the development of open standards in the main.

We are proud of the publication and hope that you find this publication appealing, and indeed see it as a “mini-bible” for the topic being addressed - such that you will have substantial confidence discussing and understanding the topic going forward.

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There have been some bumps along the way granted, but it is wonderful to see the first issue live.

Stay tuned for issue 2.

Thanks for reading!

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