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Virtual Reality for the Masses 101

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As a designer have you ever walked into a space you’re working on and said what the hell! or worse, have one of your clients? Maybe it was just a drawn-out silence (which can often be worse – growing up as a kid I knew I was in really big trouble when my dad said nothing rather than giving me an earful!)

And yet it’s a very familiar scenario that’s played out in the design world on a daily basis.

Our vision of what should be doesn’t match the what is. And why is this? Traditionally designers and clients have to translate information from 2D drawings and material swatches. Often also using scaled models to view perspectives and study light and shade. Any given project produces a deluge of information which in reality can only convey so much in terms of scale, lighting, colour, ‘feeling’ etc. http://www.graitec.co.uk/blog/entry/virtual-reality-for-the-masses-101

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