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Evolving project processes demand new legal frameworks


Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has launched six new contractual agreements and schedules of services to meet the evolving legal needs of modern day project processes, utilising industry best practice to address risk management collaboration, early warnings, clear and fair payment terms, soft landings and use of BIM.

The 2017 suite of ACE Agreements results from consultation across the industry, balancing risk fairly between parties, using clear language to provide users with efficiency and certainty from project inception to completion and asset management.

Suitable for all UK jurisdictions and designed for all types of prospective clients including contractor or end user, the ACE Professional Services Agreement leaps ahead of what is on the market, anticipating potential user needs through including guidance notes, provisions for bespoke supplementary clause inclusion, and a suitable form of warranty.

Dwight Patten, Legal and Compliance Director at ACE, states:

“After consultations with users, legal and insurance experts, ACE Agreements 2017 will allow clients, contractors and consultants to achieve greater efficiency and certainty in the process of utilising consultancy services in the procurement and delivery of projects.”

Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, Chief Executive of ACE states:
"ACE Agreements 2017 ​were designed to address many of the issues we are seeing as industry practices evolve, as well as account for new Government initiatives such as good payment practice, collaboration, risk management, BIM, dispute resolution and soft landing initiatives."

On the new Schedules of Services, Matt Heaman LLP states:
‘I am pleased to have contributed as a member of ACE’s Schedule of Services working group. We shaped the schedule of services to align with the current RIBA Plan of Work and BIM usage. The schedules are now clear on what a consultant needs to do and deliver at each work stage, providing prompts for discussing additional duties and incorporates clauses covering Soft Landings.”

On the new suite, Sir Vivian Ramsey states:
“The approach taken in the new Professional Services Agreement, which is also reflected in the other documents, makes this new suite of agreements an essential part of regulating obligations and avoiding disputes. It will be welcomed by consultants and clients alike.”