The Candy Bar Technique


Everyone agrees to the benefits of BIM and a key element of its success is to bring the models to the field in the hands of superintendents and foremen. Darren Roos [@darren_roos], corporate BIM/VDC director at Bernards, a Southern and Central California general contractor and construction management company, discussed this topic in an awesome interview with James Benham [@JamesMBenham], Josh Bone [@BIM2theBone] and Rob McKinney [@conappguru].

First the BIM Track crew must give a big shout-out to Darren and Josh for mentioning us during the interview. It’ a pleasure to be associated with reducing latency in the coordination process and being an game changer, an essential collaboration tool for coordination with the sub-trades, superintendents and foremen.

As great as it can be, it’s not why I wanted to write a blog article on this. I had to share a glimpse of all important elements mentioned in that episode of the @ConTechTrio. You can listen to the entire interview Episode 55 starting at [39:48] or read the rest of this article to get my favorite moments. It’s a great episode because of the great takeaways Darren gave the listeners, but his Star Wars candy bar technique for BIM adoption made it epic. Hang on, we’ll get to the candy bar technique soon.

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Source: blog.bimtrack.co/index.php/2017/02/20/the-candy-bar-technique