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GroupBC launch affordable cloud based BIM for Construction SMEs


SMEs need to adopt the standard practices of BIM. BC QuickStart helps to ensure that BIM's benefits are attainable for the whole industry, and not just for those at the top of the chain. Built on our Common Data Environment (BC CDE) in the cloud, BC QuickStart is pre-configured and templated to quickly improve the way companies work and assist them to easily align to BIM standards and compliancy.

Why it's important that Tier 2 SMEs adopt BIM standards
SMEs make up more than 99% of the UK construction industry. With numerous projects delivered by teams of Tier 2 contractors, it is essential that they get on board with digital construction. If they don't, the industry will ultimately struggle to fully realise BIM's potential and benefits.

Contractors needn't be working on BIM projects to benefit either. BIM simply sets out a process for improving the delivery of digital information, in the right format, to the right people at the right time. This ensures that UK Public Sector projects (which mandate the use of BIM) and private projects, of any size, can benefit from its adoption.

Maintain access to data for future projects with BC QuickStart
Tier 2 contractors spend many hours using, manipulating and updating information for client projects, only to lose access to that information after a project closes. With your own CDE, they can securely work and share that information and re-use it on all future projects.

Based on our Enterprise solution, BC QuickStart includes key features for delivering BIM at an affordable price. From as few as two users, teams can trial BC QuickStart to share, view and comment on documents, data and drawings. Upgrading to the Enterprise version is simple too – allowing the full power of GroupBC's digital construction software to be harnessed