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Creating your Asset Information Requirements



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Asset Data Dictionaries & Asset Information Requirements

The key to asset information requirements is to define the metadata required to design, build, operate and maintain an asset throughout its lifecycle.

This metadata needs to be relevant and be capable of answering the critical questions asked by each discipline carrying out their tasks at each stage of the assets lifecycle.

These questions are commonly known as “Plain Language Questions” and should be defined by those who will be involved at that stage of the lifecycle and not by one person throughout.

This Asset Data Dictionary (ADD) is populated by AD4’s (Asset Data Definition Dictionary Documents) each one will tell those working on the project, what information they are expected to generate, what form it comes in and when they need deliver it. The term document is actually a little misleading, as it is in a sense a database to be populated, but keeping the concept easily understandable and communicable is important.... (read the document to find out more)

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