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Maximise Your Profit Margins With Design Collaboration (3/9): How to Work from Anywhere

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Benefit 3: Work from anywhere

In the previous posts, we’ve focused on the collaborative aspect of C4R (Collaboration for Revit). Bringing people together on an AEC project helps us in delivering projects faster and minimising on errors. But how easy is it to actually bring people together?

As C4R runs on top of BIM 360 Team, all it needs is creating a project within a BIM 360 Team Hub and invite people into it. As the whole interface is webbased, it doesn’t matter where the design team is located: the single source of truth for the project is BIM 360 Team.

This is enough to participate in the workflow as a reviewer (viewing the files in the cloud or on mobile device, marking up). To participate in the revit C4R workflow, designers will need the ‘C4R’ entitlement, which will then allow them to open cloud-workshared files from within their revit interface.


In fact, the BIM 360 Team project will not only allow us to communicate on the design (revit files), but any file can be uploaded and managed. As the LMV (Large Model Viewer) supports over 100 file formats, we can be assured that the most common used documents can be managed without the need to download and open in the native authoring tool.

You can check out the LMV functionality, right here.

In short, the central location of the project related data allows for efficient communication, whether you’re a designer or a reviewer, on the move, on the construction site or in the design office. The ease of use of BIM 360 Team and the way stakeholders are invited into the project ensures smooth communication, no matter where you’re located.

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