Case Studies

BIM coordinate for The Landmark 81 Building


In which, 5-star hotel Vinpearl has 450 rooms, with the best luxury president room being 1000m2 in the area and having a 360 degrees view around city. There are about 900 Vinhomes luxury apartments and Officetel Trade luxury apartments. The building is designed by Atkins, who have been the main designer of major projects like Bahrain World Trade Center, King Abdulaziz International Airport at Arup Saudi, Lotus Hotel at Shangha.  In this project Arup the structural engineers who have designed strutures such as the Opera Syney Theatre and Centre Pompidou at Paris.

Conceptually, the unique architecture of The Landmark 81 project is a rooftop created by “bamboo tubes”, providing green spaces for relax and sightseeing. With environment consideration as a focus, the message from Vingroup – 'the best investor in Vietnam'.

The building is eco friendly

• The green building saves energy

• Using a clean water system process originating from Europe for each apartment.

Landmark 81 have won the 2016 Building of the Year at International Property Awards ' Integrating BIM into a Project'. 

Integrating BIM into the project.

The building was ground-breaked on December 13, 2014 and is scheduled to be inaugurated in 2018, with attendees:

Investor - Tan Lien Phat Construction Investment Corporation.

Project Manager - Vincom 1 Construction Management LLC

Project manager consultant - Mace Vietnam co. ltd

Body constractor - Cotecons Corp

Cotecons is the body contractor of project had applied BIM into project for detailing design in the complex areas. Field of application is all building formwork structure. 

Coteccons had applied BIM into project for detailing design in the complex areas. Field of application is all building formwork structure. This project have mega complex structure, which integrate concrete rebar and I steel frame, especially in transfer floor from 4th to 6th floor.  BIM application is to model intersection and simulate installation progress for the transfer areas detail between steel columns and reinforced concrete beams at 6th floor. 

This is area combine complex structure; with a typical designed that composite crossly steel column and framming with reinforced concrete structure. Cotecons had used Tekla Structure to design and coordinate all of disciplines’ structure in this area. That help Cotecons get optimum design solutions, efficient construction progress and publish directly exact shop drawing from Tekla model for construction site.

This area has high crossed and multi-structured steel density, therefore traditional design methods can’t be efficient solution in communication between designs team - construction team.Coordination activities at site construction have been visualized by models. All of relative participants can exchange information for the most exact and effective solution, help to decrease the time of changes and re-work when construction, ensure contract period, labor safety and save cost for project.

Thank for BIM application, construction team don’t meet any difficulty to complete this pretty complex field.  

To ensure the solidified structure, steel structural systems for the elevator areas are not designed in Rectangular Prism as usual, which are Y-shaped – the new design. Therefore, with the traditional coordinate, construction team cost so many time to understand, look for solutions, but can’t ensure that they clarify the idea of designer.

The Landmark 81 will become the highest skyscraper in Vietnam upon 2018 and be a symbol of the country's spirit, history, and culture. This is the expectation of not only investor and relative participants but also Vietnamese around the world. We hope project will be success story and meet contract schedule. Absolutely, with a complex project, benefit of BIM will be a great story. We will keep update…