Maximise Your Profit Margins With Design Collaboration (2/9): How to Finish your Projects Faster

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Benefit 2: Finish projects faster

In my first blog post of the series (‘Reduce project error and minimise data friction’), I mentioned how critical communication is between designers.

However, when designing, feedback is critical, not just from co-workers and co-designers, but also from the whole project team. The sooner this information gets to the designers, the faster they can take corrective actions, making sure that minor problems don’t expand into costly rework.

Obviously, in order for a reviewer to check the data, the designers have to provide it to him/her. In the past this meant sending files by email, ftp, etc. There was also the added risk that the person reviewing, didn’t have the native design software, which meant the designers had to translate the file into another format like PDF, which is time-consuming.

In the era of connectivity, we need a tool that allows us to communicate in real-time, without the hassle of translating or sending packets of information.


As Collaboration for Revit stores its data on BIM 360 Team, we can share information with all stakeholders, simply by inviting them into the project. As BIM 360 Team comes with a ‘Large Model Viewer’, it means the data is visible to the whole project team, without the need to download anything: the data is simply available in the cloud to be viewed by all involved parties.

Also, as BIM 360 Team comes with a mobile app, we can actually view the design information, no matter where we are.

As both the web interface and the mobile app allows us to add and view mark-ups, we are effectively communicating on the latest version of the data at any one time.

Not only does this cloud-based workflow allow for immediate feedback, it also alleviates the problem of having to organise so many live meetings between project members to cover off small issues.

All of these aspects add to the fact that designers can focus on their primary goal: designing. It means less hassle and time spent on organising meetings, converting files, manually uploading information, etc. - and more time to dedicate to finishing high quality projects in less time.

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