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In Vietnam, BIM is mostly apparent when several foreign joint venture projects are examined (foreign investors or hiring foreign consultants for example), but nowadays private local companies have started learning and implementing BIM because of its benefits. Indeed many investors have asked to integrate BIM in big investment projects such as: Vingroup,  Vietinbank, Tuan Loc construction investment joint stock company and so on. The typical projects which integrate BIM effectively are Park Hill 6,  Vietinbank tower, Cua Lo port, Thu Thiem 2 bridge, Nhon Trach 6 industrial zone Dong Nai.

According to research result with some projects, BIM application helps investors shorten overall progress, save costs by optimizing construction scheduling and pre-fixing difficulties in the construction stage. For example:

  • detecting and resolving over 1500 clashes in drawings before construction in Vietinbank tower project;
  • optimizing construction and installation progress in Cheeky factory project (invest by Procter & Gamble, SEA),
  • shorten approximately 10% project duration time, decrease 8% of work tasks and
  • reduce approximatley 40% in time to fix changes at construction in Park Hill 6 project.

However, according to current estimations, almost investors of state budget projects are not ready for BIM integration into design and management processes because there are many barriers, especially where BIM is not mandated. This produces challenges for consultants and/or investors to improve the design, improve budget estimating and slows down investment decision making.

1.1. BIM in the field of consultants

In the field of consultants, a number of consultant companies are using BIM applications in the design process at various levels. BIM applications for design are mostly used for civil and industrial, transport and infrastructure projects. Besides the traditional design consultant companies, there area growing number of BIM consulting companies. These companies not only supply BIM services for investors, traditional design consulting companies and contractors but also play an important role in promoting the advancement of BIM through sharing knowledge, experience and providing important feedback to help improve BIM application use in the Vietnam construction industry, typically as: ViBIM, HSD Vietnam, Viasys VDC Vietnam etc.

1.2. BIM in the field of construction works

In field the of  construction works, there are some contractors that are leading the use of BIM in contracts to control part of the construction works, creating methods of construction sequencing, early detection and resolution of clashes between different trades and increasing value to all parties through shared information. These are typically Hoa Binh construction and real estate corporation, CotecCons, Cofico, Agrimeco, Vinaconex , R.E.E, Thyssenkrupp, Doosan Vina, PTSC, Đại Dũng Steel, BMB Steel, Zamil Steel.

BIM application use in this field is usually more challenging than for design consulting companies because of the human resource competency in computer application maturity and the speed of construction demands on site, often with difficult site conditions.  It is a challange to keep the balance between new technology and real pratice.

1.3. BIM in the field of training

In the field of training, there are  some training classes belonging to private training centers and internal training company departments as well as some of universities such as: Civil construction university, transport university, Hanoi University of Science and Technology . However, most of these training classes are opening  hands-on-courses to train in the use of BIM software functionality, they do not really focus on  a "proper" BIM curriculumn  or long term training degree however. 

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