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BIM Assists 2022 Winter Olympics Preparations


The Winter Olympics is heading to Beijing in 6 years’ time for the 2022 games, and in preparation for the event it appears that Beijing Shougang International Engineering (BSIE) have turned to Building Information Modelling (BIM) to help out in their construction work for the new plaza.

The BSIE were contracted by the official 2022 Winter Olympics Organising Committee to design and construct the new plaza which is to be situated in Shougang in the Shijingshan District of China’s capital city, and it has been revealed that in all stages of the project the organisation has implemented Building Information Modelling.

The BIM technologies are being used in conjunction with ProjectWise, which means that the company can efficiently share data and have secure access to it, allowing for both timings and costs to be significantly reduced. The need to create as-built information from scratch was also removed thanks to the fully integrated and virtual BIM model, meaning more costs that would have been associated with this are non-existent.

In an attempt to gain a complete understanding of the site and the existing infrastructure being used in the project, BSIE also teamed up with construction solution specialists Bentley Systems by using their technology including laser scanning and point cloud data which assisted in gaining the general context of the site.

“Bentley provides us with systematic solutions covering each link of a project, and achieves a seamless data connection so that we can keep our mind on the project itself rather than how to operate the software” said Li Hongguang who is the project manager of the 2022 Winter Olympics Square Project.

This is yet another example of the technological revolution that has been taking over the construction industry in recent years for architects and engineers alike, with Building Information Modelling being placed at the heart of it once again, so we should be expecting to hear more similar BIM related stories in the near future.

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