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BIM Aids Design & Decision-Making Process


Technological advancements have had a huge impact on the construction world, and thanks to BIM, many construction workers are digitally planning out their projects on Brownfield and Greenfield sites.

Seeing the advantages of BIM is much easier in a new site or building, the digital tools used for planning and maintenance give a new level of control. This process is becoming more common in already established sites, however, the large expense of creating a digital version of a building that is already in existence is putting many companies off.

Whilst the design and construction phases are ongoing in new greenfield developments, the BIM model is also being created alongside them. This allows for the integration of the two, aiding the design and decision process.

The use for BIM in brownfield sites differs slightly, as it is more about figuring out how to fit a newer digital model into an outdated old site. The previously established infrastructure must be considered, as it can interfere with the work.

A huge part of BIM is the 3D scanning features, as they allow real world spaces to be captured and scanned into an editing software, making the planning and designing procedure for projects much simpler.

Planning permission and other factors affecting construction can be eliminated or aided through the use of BIM. Creating a graphic model of a building that shows how it will fit into its surroundings, and how it will affect other builds nearby is a massive factor in the decision to continue with a project or ultimately scrap it.

On its own, BIM is a useful tool, but when combined with data from other tools used for planning and design, BIM can definitely be regarded as the future of architecture and construction, and is crucial to save money and produce better plans for the futures buildings.

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