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Australian Government Failing Industry With BIM


Greater consistency and harmonisation on government activities relating to Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been called for by industry experts at a conference in Sydney this week, hosted by industry association Consult Australia.

BIM is now commonly required in construction contracts in Australia as clients seek industry advancement and innovative technologies on their projects. Industry advancement in preparation for BIM has led to the creation of a National Digital Engineering Working Group by the Australian government.

Consult Australia state manager Matthew Trigg has expressed his concern that there is no commonly accepted definition or understanding of BIM. He also suggested that there is limited awareness of how BIM will impact both the industry and the government.

Trigg accredited the government’s lack of consistency as a reason why problems are arising in the industry. Trigg has called for policy members to realise the many benefits of avoiding future complications that will arise from jurisdictions not working together with a common purpose. It is his belief that the benefits of BIM and other such technologies can be better utilised in order to create a positive outcome for all.

Results of a conference poll revealed that 27% of attendees rated the government’s current procurement of BIM as very poor. 44% of attendees rated it as poor and 29% said it was average. None of the attendees rated the current situation as good or very good.
93% of guests believed at the beginning of the conference that a BIM mandate in Australia was the way forward. Interesting, that figure fell to 69% by the end of the conference, suggesting that further measures must take place before this can be successful.

Trigg has said that it is essential for the industry and government to work together to create a supportive policy environment in order to reap the benefits of new advanced technology.

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