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Progman Announces Collaboration with Autodesk to Further Accelerate the Adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM)


Progman, the developer of leading design software MagiCAD, and Autodesk will strengthen their collaboration to accelerate BIM adoption amongst MEP customers. The companies will work together with engineering customers helping them migrate to Autodesk Revit and MagiCAD for Revit. On the product development level, Revit and MagiCAD product teams will continue to exchange knowledge to improve and fulfill customers’ needs for mechanical design calculations and the overall design engineering workflow. In addition, teams will work together to localize their offerings for specific countries, key to removing barriers to BIM adoption and gaining success amongst MEP designers. Companies will also engage in co-marketing activities to educate and build awareness in the market.

“Progman, with their popular MagiCAD software, has been a renowned provider of MEP software and content for Autodesk platforms for more than 25 years,” says Vikram Dutt, Sr. Director Building Business Line at Autodesk. “We welcome Progman as an Autodesk Solution Associate. This collaborative effort is a progression of Autodesk’s strategy to provide BIM platforms, enabling third-party developers like Progman to extend the MEP feature set and secure an end-to-end BIM process.”

“We’re excited to increase upon our collaboration with Autodesk, one of the world’s leading BIM technology providers,” says Jukka Nyman, Managing Director of Progman. “Our MEP customers tell us that by using MagiCAD software integrated with Revit, they can take full advantage of BIM. With MagiCAD, designers are able to use a series of application-specific productivity tools, as well as utilize our database of one million+ intelligent 3D products.”

“In addition, through our new online BIM library, MagiCloud, our customers can collaborate in the planning and design phase with other parties in the construction project. These all make their design work faster and BIM models extremely accurate and reliable,” Nyman concludes.

Success in the design phase is crucial to enable downstream benefits of BIM, and MEP design is an important and integral part of the overall workflow. To unite Progman´s MagiCAD with Autodesk Revit will enable the evolution of the design process from simple computer-aided drafting, to BIM.

Watch recorded webinar for more information: Move to Revit today - Let Autodesk and Progman explain how!