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Will Russia Become the North Star of BIM Technology?


The interesting article of Kim O'Connell (USA) about BIM perspectives in Russia.

Today, Russia’s Ministry of Construction is seeking to position the country as a leader in BIM design and export its services around the world. Companies worldwide are using BIM as an effective means to communicate a range of building data—such as dimensions, features, functionality, and cost—among project collaborators near and far.

With BIM technology, “employees don’t need to be at the construction site or where documentation preparation is carried out,” says Andrey Belyuchenko, director of the department of urban planning and architecture activities for the Ministry of Construction in Moscow. “This is an undeniable advantage of the technology and, consequently, the ability to export BIM services. The number and volume of international projects in which Russian companies are involved is growing dynamically.”


Kim O’Connell is a Washington, D.C.–area writer specializing in history, nature, architecture, and life. In addition to writing for a range of national and regional publications, she is a former writer in residence at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and Shenandoah National Park. She can be reached via her website,

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