Building Information Modeling Services: Use Revit and its disciplines for executing them


When execution of building projects is enacting by stakeholders then at that time 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D architectural, structural and MEP modeling services plays a decisive role which are the chunk of building information modeling.

Earlier before the contraption of BIM, design and construction professionals were completely dependent on CAD a service which was not proficient enough to work systematically like architectural, structural and MEP or CAD drafting services and CAD modeling services for the execution of residential, commercial and industrial construction projects.

With the help of CAD, productivity was at another level it changes the AEC industry radically. but when BIP was invented whole picture took a different path everything was revolutionized reason behind that it provided bulk amount of additional information to building stakeholders such as information on time, schedules and cost of the project. In CAD this feature was totally missing which was covered in BIM of providing accurate information.

Use of BIM software Revit in the development of Building Information Models for architecture, structure and MEP etc is the best example of BIM Technology. Different building trades were having their own Building Information Models which was developed with the help of highly advanced modeling tools available in Revit. It can also include additional dimensions in them such as 4D, 5D and 6D.

Architects, engineers and construction managers use the huge assistance of 3D parametric models and in other than this to increase their productivity additional dimensions can be included in 3D parametric models. Revit had great potential to help client with huge amount of additional information by executing 4D, 5D and 6D BIM modeling service and this additional information is related to client business regarding different construction, operations, scheduling, bill of materials, material takeoffs, time and cost.

With the help of this additional information architects, engineers and construction managers perform many important things such as they can sit together can evaluate it for understanding project outcomes. After revolution of information regarding design, operations, scheduling, time and cost etc important solutions are identified which helps in taking bigger decisions. They can also discuss and decide how to tackle upcoming challenges of the project with minimum resources. Those summaries one definite point that design and construction professionals can also control the outcomes inspires of only speculate it. They can also handle the allotment of resources to different projects to increase their efficiency.

It is possible only with the assistance of 4D BIM like perfect schedules wich are created with the help of 4D model. Architects, engineers and construction managers can also develop accurate construction schedule with the help of detailed information provided by BIM. The whole motto behind this scheme of development of accurate construction schedules is to boost or enhance the performance capacity of AEC professionals.

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