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The new Abvent Education site is online


Abvent is excited to introduce the new Abvent Education site!

Students enrolled in a full-time day course can now apply for a student license for products in the Abvent Visualization Suite on a new platform. Student licenses are currently free and are valid through September 30, 2017. 

Applications can be submitted via the Abvent Education page. To apply for a license, students must log in with an Abvent ID. If they do not have an Abvent ID, the portal will prompt them to create one.

Here's how the new platform works:

  • Students log in at the Education site and fill out a form to request an Artlantis and/or Twinmotion student license. During the process, they will be asked to upload their Student ID with the validity date clearly visible;
  • The request goes through a validation process;

Upon validation, the student receives a confirmation from Abvent Education. The e-mail directs them to a dedicated section of the Abvent store, where they can obtain their license for free by entering the voucher code they receive with the confirmation of their application.