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10 Steps to Simplify Your Firm's Transition to BIM


So you’re convinced that BIM will be a good addition to your firm? 

Unlike more conventional CAD, BIM is composed of intelligent 3D models which make critical design and construction processes such as coordination, communication, and collaboration much easier and faster. But BIM is indeed still seen by many as a more complicated software with a steep learning curve, as the article addresses. So How do you actually transition an entire firm’s process to BIM? Here we share ten of the most important steps:

  1. Get to know BIM
  2. Get The Whole Team on Board
  3. Assume Software and Hardware Updates
  4. Develop a Plan
  5. Begin with a Pilot Project
  6. Document Preferred Processes
  7. Cultivate BIM Champions
  8. Gradually Transition Your Teams
  9. Integrate to Collaborate
  10. Innovate and Expand

Read the steps in full here.

Access more information about transitioning to BIM, including a getting-started guide and a deployment workbook at the Autodesk architect resource center too.