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Architecture underground: development of underground space in metropolitan areas like urban trend


Relevant Topic underground construction and the efficient functioning of the urban environment the subject of several key international forum sessions and a unique high-rise building 100+ Forum Go Russia , which will be held in Yekaterinburg, from 5 to 7 October 2016. For the first time in the professional environment of the Russian and international experience in this field will be studied in such detail.

The most illustrative examples of which are known, perhaps, everyone can be called Eurotunnel (Euro Tunnel) - railway tunnel under the English Channel linking Britain and France, the project "Grand Louvre" in Paris. The author of the reconstruction project of one of the most famous museums in the world, the architect Yu Ming Pei, placed under the ground all the administrative and service areas, and the main entrance is located in the pyramid in the center of the court of Napoleon. It is possible to preserve the architectural appearance of the palace, and the construction of underground facilities to increase the area for reception of visitors to the museum.

Underground public area in Montreal (RESO) - another example of the effective use of underground space as retail space.

Russian examples - it is, above all, the Moscow Metro, launched into operation in 1935 and changed the "transport image" of the city, the metro in St. Petersburg. Experience the Northern Capital to 100+ Forum Russia will consider the example of Uprising Square, which plays an important role in urban planning structure of the city.

The proposed solution architects complex transport hub in the center of St. Petersburg includes the interchange with the organization of a tunnel along the Ligovsky prospectus, under the Nevsky Prospect shopping center located under the entire area of ​​the Rebellion, a parking lot and a shopping street Nevsky Prospekt. Topic present Yury Zemtsov, architect, director and partner of the architectural bureau "Zemtsov, Kondiain and partners"

Also among the main issues 100+ Forum Russia: innovative solutions for the design and construction of underground structures and systems, the development of a comfortable and efficient underground space - pedestrian areas, new hubs, tunnels. To be considered fusion of modern design with the historic balance of the ensemble of the city - which is important for many cities. Another important topic for large cities will be an overview of the global and Russian technology in designing underground.

More - in the program 100+ Forum Russia 2016

The official website forum also opened registration of participants .

About the forum:

100+ Forum Russia - International Forum and the unique high-rise building - an annual event held in Yekaterinburg with the support and participation of the Ministry of Construction and Housing Code.

In 2015, the Forum was attended by over three thousand participants, among them - representatives of 19 countries and 52 cities of Russia - from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, 20 official delegations from the cities and regions of Russia, and four official foreign delegations. As part of the forum held 65 thematic events. Presentations were made by Russian and foreign experts, specialists from research institutions and leading Russian and foreign universities, representatives of major international companies. Total 287 speakers, 27 of them - foreign experts.

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