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Convert BIM into a non technical custom visualisation - how ? DON'T PANIC


So, you have an idea, have seen some technology and think that a bespoke visualisation app is what you need ?  What's next is shouting HELP at the internet to figure our what to do.

Our best advise is straight out of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy - DON'T PANIC

If you know what you are aiming to achieve; training, safety briefing, marketing, stakeholder engagement, then that is good enough.  We love to generate the ideas and suggestions to show how you can leverage the latest technology, combined with a bespoke visualisation app to best effect.  Once we know the aim and target for the app, we can suggest small, medium or large ideas to suit your programme, budget and target audience.

The best part - so far, you have not spent any money, but are one step closer to your bespoke application.

Some clients know exactly what they need and want, but either way, these are the steps we take in our development process to ensure you get what you want and what you need ! 

1. Outline scope: Agreeing what the purpose of the application is, the end user, the intended method of distribution, O/S and hardware platform.  Apps can be for Desktops / Laptop (PC or Mac), viewed in browser or on a phone or tablet.

2. Ideas: We usually advise on specification and either scale back or scale up expectations based upon our industry knowledge and capability.  We have experience in a whole range of  projects and sectors and can explain the benefits and detriments of the options you choose.

  • VR - Virtual Reality (Head mounted immersive apps for Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift
  • AR - Augmented Reality (Phone or tablets to display 3D content over the top of an image from the rear facing camera)
  • i3D - Interactive 3D or Desktop VR (exploring 3D content with birds Eye view or walking through a scene using window on a monitor or a web page.


3. Proposals: Where we offer usually our costed, timed proposals for review and comment to fit to time / budget / functionality.  Also highlighting caveats and assumptions, along with mission creep! (just adding a little bit more each time to change the scope without changing the invoice !)

 4. Agree a detailed specification: With functionality, bespoke UI, level of 3D detail, modelling required, detail of rendering (visual realism), platform.  We will also talk through the UI (User Interface) which dictate how you navigate around an app or control movement around a 3D scene.

- All quotes are as PDF letters to be instructed with a purchase order- We do not proceed without written confirmation and agreed costs / scope. 

5. Agree the flow of information needed us<>client: If we do not answer our email / phone (case in point with yourself), then the inverse is true if we are aiming to meet a deadline and cannot get the required information / instruction  / sign off.

6. Preview: We will aim to set a programme to send preview images / screenshots / video screen capture or working demos through the build to ensure we are on track.

7. Snagging and Issue: Prior to invoice. 

8. Support: Some of our projects require web hosted data, bespoke online database connections to pull in remotely held data or are subject to updates outside our control to operating systems.  For these projects we suggest a yearly maintenance / hosting fee.

 9. Communication: Other than phone and email, for internal communication we use Slack and can set up a bespoke slack address / team for real time collaboration and evidence of instructions if deadlines are tight.  Our Environmental policy dictates that we try to avoid travel where possible and use Skype or hangouts where face to face meetings are not needed.

 10. Feedback: Using Zendesk ticketing once an Application is issued.

We are a small visualisation agency and deal with bespoke work, not mass produced to a formula.   If you need to know more, or have ideas of a potential project, then I would be happy to talk this through - get in touch, we love to talk ! 

Want to know more ?   Then get in touch now to talk through your requirements to make your project SEEABLE

email [email protected] / Tweet us  or find out more at


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