If you want to make digital collaboration into a success - don’t forget to include the ordinary working people....


Rendra O is a BIM collaboration software - for efficient execution of construction projects. Main users are those working on the construction site and for the operative project management. Drawings, documents and the BIM model available when you need  it.... 

1. With Rendra O’s label system it’s easy to navigate and locate different drawings and documents that’s been uploaded. 


2. In Rendra O you can both hide single objects and toggle off and on whole model layers. This makes it easy to get a good overview over your model, disciplines and hidden objects.


3. Document your workflow.

  • Set up the project in Rendra as you organize your construction project.
  • Set up templates for working orders and processes so the people on the site can focus on executing their job and improve their efficiency.
  • Link documents, drawings, the object and pictures to the topic.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Start to document while on site 
  • Solid traceable documentation (done - approved - closed)


Everyone in the project can easily start to use Rendra O

  • Available on mobile devices and on a BIM “newsstand”
  • On smartboards and on desktop computers in the office.
  • Tailormade for the actual use case / device