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Hyperloop BIM Competition Receives Sponsorship


Originally announced in March, the building information modeling (BIM) competition for the eighth Build Earth Live series has been moved to September and spans two full days. Recently, Build Earth Live announced that its international hyperloop competition has two new government sponsors: the Dubai Future Foundation and Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority. 

This is a logical move, given the fact that the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has ambitions to build a hyperloop in the country. It follows suit that the winners of the Build Earth Live competition will have a chance to help work on the project with the UAE government.

If you aren’t familiar with the hyperloop, it is a concept for high-speed transportation systems popularized by Elon Musk, entrepreneur and founder of SpaceX. The hyperloop sends riders through its integrated structure on pressurized capsules suspended by a cushion of air. The capsules are driven by linear induction motors and air compressors and the structure allows passengers and cargo between two points quietly and efficiently.

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