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Virtual Reality in Construction!


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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is set to explode in 2016, with the release of various new VR Headsets and systems sales are expected to rocket! The question is what does this mean for the construction industry and the people in it, is our future virtual?

VR works by creating an illusion of presence in an environment that is virtual (computer-generated). By sending information to various human senses VR can simulate being in a certain environment, place or location, enabling the user to see, hear and interact with their surroundings often through the use of VR headsets, headphones, and hand controllers.

The future holds endless possibilities for VR, many industries such as art, medicine, therapy and tourism are all looking to utilise its functionality. But how will the construction industry capitalise on the use of Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality for Construction

Believe it or not, many construction professionals will have already experienced a virtual environment. Although these virtual environments are usually explored using the pan and zoom tools on our keyboard and mouse and come in the form of a 3D BIM Model. As the industry continues to develop its 3D BIM skills there is more opportunity to link these computer-generated 3D images with Virtual Reality technology. The emergence of Virtual Reality headsets, interactive hand controllers and movement sensors is about to revolutionise how designers, constructors and end users experience  3D models and the whole construction process. It will enable end users to navigate and interact with the building before any work actually starts on site, thus speeding up and optimising feedback, enabling better more informed design decisions early in the design process.

Imagine a healthcare professional being able to virtually walk around new hospital before it is built and identify potential issues before recommending changes in design which could potentially save lives before the work has started on site!

With the emergence of 3D laser scanning and drones in construction possibilities for VR will continue to evolve in the construction industry. The ability to fly a drone around a construction site to 3D laser scan the area is something which could tie in perfectly with VR. Being able to load that 3D scan directly to a VR headset for project stakeholders to view and immerse themselves in will provide many benefits. Enabling a first person view of site progress in real-time from a different location adds a whole different dimension to a site walk around and could potentially be used for health and safety and training purposes.

The truth is this technology is already available, the future of VR holds many possibilities for construction. The next step is identifying which VR headsets and systems are suitable for the construction industry.

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