3D Artist Magazine Twinmotion 2016 review


We were so pleased and proud to learn that 3DArtist reviewed Twinmotion 2016 in the print and online subscription versions of their January issue.  Looks like more and more industry movers and shakers are taking a closer look at Twinmotion — and liking what they see!

Here’s what writer Paul Hatton had to say:  “Twinmotion has excelled itself once again.  Right from the inception of this software a few years ago we’ve been impressed by not only its commitment to innovation but also its clear desire to provide features that actually make a difference in the lives of artists on live projects. The adoption of real-time software like this can often seem daunting for traditional artists but Twinmotion makes that process as pain-free as is humanly possible.

Let’s take a quick look at a typical visualisation project to see how incredibly useful this piece of software is to all artists. Firstly, you’ll have made your 3D model in another piece of software and Twinmotion enables that import via many of the major file types that you’ll be working with, such as FBX, DWG and C4D.

Secondly, you want to get some light and create an environment. Simple sliders enable you to customise the lighting, the sky and even particles such as rain and snow – the incredible thing is that you can see all of these before your eyes in real time. In terms of the surround, you can populate your scene with vast amounts of vegetation, suitable for gardens or forests alike. All of these are even animated!

Thirdly, you can make use of Twinmotion’s massive materials library to dress your model. These are incredibly handy but we have to say that this is still an area where there is room for much improvement. What Twinmotion is achieving in terms of realism at real-time speeds is truly incredible and we can’t wait to see the boundaries of more photorealistic materials be pushed in the coming years.

All of that was possible with previous versions, though, so let’s look at a couple of new features that users can look forward to in the new release.

Firstly, there’s BIMmotion, which extends your models to clients who don’t own a licence of Twinmotion. It’s essentially a viewer and we can really see this being adopted by many agencies for pre-vis purposes. Twinmotion enables you to get something set up at breakneck speeds and BIMmotion gives your client access to it.

Secondly, and this feature is amazing, there is ‘True landscape’ that lets you create topology from Google Earth. It’s real 3D topology and even takes the texture. This really is incredible and we’re looking forward to finding other uses for it in the coming months.”

Click here for the .pdf version of the review!

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