Match Construction Workflow with Mechanical BIM Services


Do you want to match your construction workflow in a seamless way? Opt for mechanical BIM services and validate the design of your building for constructability and performance. Look for a company that specializes in virtual construction of 3D BIM models and follows the right codes and standards as applicable for projects. It would be better to hire the company which has ISO certified process for documenting client’s standards and preference and works closely with stakeholders for complete clash resolution and elimination of re-work.

Let’s check out the mechanical BIM services for various trades:

§  HVAC Sheet Metal Model Creation

If you need HVAC sheet metal model for single or all trades of MEP or Fire Protection, you need to specify your engineering documents with a range of inputs like the Design & Contract Documents and Project Specification Sheets.  The information will help the BIM service provider to coordinate your model effectively with all Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing trades after resolving clashes either through re-routing duck work, duct re-sizing and changing elevation. HVAC models are mostly created with Trapeze, Hangers and seismic restrainers and get augmented by using information from architectural, structural and other utility sources. Appoint the leading BIM service provider who will be able to pre-fabricate assemblies in quality controlled set-up and reduce your field installation time, wastage and cost.

§  Mechanical Piping & Room Layout

3D Building Information Modeling also helps to make coordinated 3D piping models, room layout and shop drawings for mechanical applications. Hire an expert mechanical BIM service provider who has grown to exceed the expectation of clients and get services from conceptual design to layout. Mechanical piping models are usually created according to the approved cut-sheet to show accurate equipment location and piping system hook-ups and the models help to generate exhaustive spool drawings for accurate procurement with quantity take-off.

§  Plumbing  Model

Plumbing is also a vital part of construction and if you need BIM for your plumbing trade, choose a BIM professional who is experienced in MEP and Plumbing domains and offers sustainable solution for you. Choose a BIM service provider who has capably handled a lot of plumbing projects and worked on major software platforms like Revit, Bentley and AutoCAD. Look into the fact whether the plumbing model is created as per your specification and the relevant codes of your country. Piping assemblies, spool drawings and other components help in making cost reduction and final installation. In addition, prefabrication reduces job site congestion and improves manpower performance. It also contributes to a safe working condition. So, while hiring a BIM service provider, ensure whether it can understand your processes and can send BIM coordinators on site as per your project requirement.

§  Medical Gas System Model 

Medical Gas system model explores the potential benefits and challenges of using integrated BIM for planning, management and setting up of medical gas systems in healthcare construction. If you want to build medical gas system model for healthcare industry, you will be benefitted from Coordinated 3D Medical Piping system, Medical Gas System Shop Drawings, Quantity Take-Offs and Spooling Layout / Fabrication.

Seek out the leading BIM service provider and analyze, coordinate and collaborate through BIM. Whether you want digital prefabrication, MEP & HVAC shop drawings or HVAC duct system design services, BIM is the right solution for all and offers better project planning.

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