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Bar Bending Schedules with Rebar Detailing for a Residential Building

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Project Details

Rebar Detailing for a Residential Building in Belgium

Software Used:


Architecture and engineering service provider firm from Belgium approached Hi-Tech to assist them develop detailed rebar drawings and Tekla models for a residential building development project. Rebar Plan & details at every floor/levels were developed from the Architectural drawings and sketches that were provided and delivered within the specified time frame of 2 months.

Rebar detailing drawings are those that contain quantity, description and laps of the reinforced steel. They basically apply the intent of design drawings for the iron worker. Hence Tekla modeling for rebar detailing is a very crucial aspect of a construction project and needs to be handled only by experienced professionals.


  • Communicating project details in the native language of the client.
  • Understanding the Europe rebar standards and deliver results accordingly
  • Strict guidelines and drafting standards

Engineering Solution

  • The rebar detailing work in Tekla for the residential building was done in a record time frame of two months – with all the design changes and revisions as proposed by client
  • The client also sent structural member sizes and reinforcement arrangement drawings, based on which the team helped client develop Tekla models for rebar plan and details at every floor level
  • All the design changes and revisions were handled well and rebar detailing was delivered as per the client requirement


  • Client received the the best quality rebar detailing within the proposed time frame
  • The project not only helped save costs but also helped the client gain backend support they could rely on, for rebar detailing, and hence manage the project well
  • This also helped client strengthen their ability to expand and take up more projects

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