Industry Initiative Helps Prepare Manufacturers For BIM Mandate

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A new industry initiative has been launched to help manufacturers prepare for the Government’s April 2016 BIM mandate by providing templates that support the delivery of consistent, meaningful and necessary data.   

The partnership, which brings together the Construction Products Association (CPA), BIM4M2, the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and NBS, has been designed to help manufacturers properly prepare their product information ahead of the April deadline. 

The issue up until now has been the lack of a consistent, industry-wide approach to product data parameters and templates. However, to successfully implement BIM at both the design and operational stages of a build, access to accurate data is essential. 

With uniform processes, approaches and terminology being put in place across the board, the new programme will work to ensure exact information is gathered. Templates will not only outline the minimum information required for a product but will also be aligned with the UK’s Level 2 BIM requirements. 

For further information and to see the current product data templates visit BIM4M2

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