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I was on a panel a few weeks ago which was asked whether BIM data was Big Data.  One panellist stated he hoped buildings were designed using Big Data, my view was BIM data isn't Big Data in itself but that's not really the end of the discussion because it's a big data ingredient.

Big Data isn't one thing it data fusion

The thing about Big Data is that it isn't one source it's the fusion of data from different and seemingly unrelated sources when analysed provides insight and knowledge unthinkable even a few years ago.   The reason is the technology to "bang" the data together and view it didn't exist and does now and today we are on the brink of a brand new day for the AECO sector.  

Don't take my word

Read an article by Bernard Marr Forbes - "17 Predications About The Future of Big Data Everyone Should Read" March 15, 2016 listed below are the headings all good reading and all very relevant to the AECO sector and I've added a few comments.  

  1. Data Volumes will continue to grow - "Absolutely BIM data sets are growing"
  2. Ways to analyse data will improve - "Early days for AECO"
  3. More tools for analysis (without the analyst) will emerge - "Bring it on"
  4. Prescriptive analytics will be built into business analytics software - "Not sure this would be good function to be added to Revit maybe a more downstream activity"
  5. In addition, real-time streaming insights into data will be the hallmarks of data winners - "Live data now that's extreme"
  6. Machine learning is a top strategic trend for 2016 - "I'll be watching this trend to understand its implications for the AECO sector, one thing at a time and think the deployment of the IoT is probably a good first step"
  7. Big data will face huge challenges around privacy - "In the B2C world yes, in the B2B world I think it will be more ownership rights and IPR and security implications"
  8. More companies will appoint a chief data officer - "I'm available!"
  9. "Autonomous agents and things will continue to be a huge trend "IoT is the rolling start of this trend and you better clearly understand its implications"
  10. Big data staffing shortages will expand - "AECO needs to recognize the importance of people who understand data and how to analyze it and recruit staff accordingly"
  11. But big data talent crunch may ease 
  12. The data-as-a-service business model is on the horizon - "interesting idea which I'll keep an eye and comment on"
  13. Algorithm markets will also emerge - "buying in of prepackaged programs to analysis data rather have someone do this in their lunch hour is a really smart idea and lets them get on with their day job" 
  14. Cognitive technology will be the new buzzword - "I need to research this term before I can comment but sounds great"
  15. "All companies are data businesses now" - "The AECO sector needs to first understand its stakeholders are all technology businesses who just happen to design, build and operate buildings and then we can move forward with being data businesses"
  16. Businesses using data will see US$430 billion in productivity benefits - "If there was ever prove BIM data is valuable then the International Institute of Analytics makes a strong argument"
  17. "Fast data" and "actionable data" will replace big data

Extending the BIM Nirvana  

Those in the AECO sector whether it's an individual or an organisation who get "big data" and "BIM data" will reap the significant benefits these technologies can deliver and we'll end up with better-designed buildings, more quickly constructed and more cost effectively operated during the building's lifecycle.

Accurate BIM data is one of the sources of useful data not just from one project but the accumulation of many projects and not from just one owner of the data but from many and then it needs to be "mashed", "blended" or "fused" with data from other sources about product performance, energy performance, weather, seismic, demographic, human movement etc.  

The data needs to be made available in an anonymized format and made social for the benefits of the whole AECO community. 

Then and only then will we be able to design, construct and operate buildings in the most optimal way and then its doesn't stop because you never learn enough.

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