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SEEABLE awarded EU seal of excellence - R&D in recycled BIM for H&S !


Rail safety VR – Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme  !

SEEABLE have just been awarded the EU seal of excellence for their R&D into next level training, briefing and incident reconstruction for workers in the construction and transportation sectors.  

This award was given for our 2015 research, proof of concepts and academic research which was judged on excellence, impact, quality and efficiency of implementation. Our work has been focussed on providing bespoke health and safety visualisations on multiple fronts – ranging from re-purposing BIM for Infrastructure data to geo-locate site hazards,  using 360 panoramic VR and making all this available securely online.

What makes the SEEABLE difference  – our infographic below goes part way to demonstrating this ! Workers do not get briefed in easily understood visual ways, but usually have a pile of paperwork – sign on the bottom line.  

With increasingly diverse workforces, languages, abilities and the need to increase productivity, construction projects need to ensure communication and logistics are second to none – who, what, where, when – avoiding hazards and incidents along the way. When incidents do happen – our 3D timeline reconstructions help clearly communicate the issues and get over the message that a 45 minute presentation and ten page document will not !

Clear, simple, non technical – making safety SEEABLE ! - See more at:

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