Bim Advancements made the difference



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The world of architecture, engineering and construction is changing. New ways of working and new tools are transforming the face of the industry, allowing architects, designers, engineers, and contractors to work more quickly, accurately, and cost effectively. New processes and technologies are making it easier to collaborate and coordinate projects, and keep track of changes. 

BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes are advancing infrastructure. 

BIM Advancements made the difference: 

  • Between a city grinding to a halt during a major construction project and the economy carrying on as normal
  • Between learning from your mistakes and getting it right first time
  • Between hit-and-miss data sharing and seamless collaboration
  • Between escalating costs and a multitude of savings

There are three pillars to every BIM project:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

BIM is a set of processes, standards, and cultural changes, needed to deliver better project and asset outcomes.

From a technology perspective, a BIM strategy enables the integration of data-rich models and project information data bases, to build a virtual representation of a project and all assets. All stakeholders can access reliable information, making collaboration easier, reducing risks, and improving ROI.

Bentley offers a range of software solutions and services to help you implement BIM on projects of all types and sizes as shown by the case studies in the presentation available for download.

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