How to Streamline and Accelerate the Process of BIM Content Creation


Last November, the BIMscript® Product Manager and the Managing Director at BIMobject Spain, visited Parque Tecnológico Actiu to run a workshop on how to streamline and accelerate Actiu’s process of BIM content creation by using the technology of BIMscript & LENA.

The aim of the workshop was to teach the team of Actiu how to build BIM objects using the BIMscript & LENA technology and to integrate the development of BIM objects in their workflow. Now, the 3D development team at ACTIU can build parametric BIM objects on their own. BIMscript & LENA allows them to generate native BIM objects for Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp at the same time, based on for example 3D AutoCAD and STEP files.

The technology is connected to the BIMobject Cloud and allows version control where the manufacturer can maintain, syndicate or update the BIM objects in a dynamic way. The BIMobject content management system allows direct communication between the BIM user and the manufacturer. Regardless what file format they use, Actiu can notify when their products are being updated. The users can update the object by using the icon “Check for Updates” in the BIMobject® Apps toolbar, available for Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp.

ACTIU is implementing the use of BIMscript & LENA in their 3D content building process to provide BIM content to the users in a faster and easier way and to a lower-cost for the manufacturer.

“It is a huge satisfaction to know that a leader in the office furniture industry like ACTIU has such a clear and innovative vision of how to manage the integration into BIM. It is pleasant to support with the integration process, using BIMobject’s technologies and to see the ACTIU team build BIM content in 3 formats with only one tool. I am sure that ACTIU will achieve a great advantage by publishing their products as BIM objects on as BIM is an important file format for the interior designers and architecture industry”,says Mario Ortega, Managing Director at BIMobject Spain.

“In Actiu, we bet on this pioneering technology to speed up the building and modifications of product libraries, and what is more important, to provide the complete range of our products to every person who need it in BIM format”, says Carlos Bernal, Project and Product CAD & BIM Development.

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