BIMscript® Hackathon Sweden


You can now apply to the BIMscript Hackathon event in Sweden! Learn how to develop your own content for most of the BIM platforms with one single script.

BIMobject runs BIMscript Hackathon events and webinars where you can get accredited to use BIMscript. Participants will be taught by our core developers how to master BIMscript & LENA for Rhino. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the masters.

BIMscript & LENA opens up a vast new world of opportunities for content developers and internal mechanical CAD departments to develop their own content for most BIM platforms using a single script.


The business model is also favourable for smaller developers who can develop multi-usable content with rich properties in many languages, having only one license for Rhino and LENA. With BIMscript & LENA for Rhino, you will be able to build BIM objects for ArchiCAD, Revit, Sketchup as well as IFC, DWG and 3DS. More formats will be added later.

BIMscript & LENA is a free software!

Apply now: http://bimobject.com/hackathon/

(You will be abel to apply for the Hackathon in Germany in the end of February)

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Source: bimobject.com/hackathon