Let´s BIM it!


More than 400 Congress participants from all sectors of the German construction industry, representatives of associations, chambers and municipalities, consulting companies and software manufacturers listen to the introduction of Mr. Alexander Dobrindt about the graduated digital plan of engineering and construction of the Federal Ministry of transport and digital infrastructure at the BMVI BIM Congress in Berlin on Tuesday. The mood at the event was very positive. Germany is one of the leading nations in many technological sectors of industry on the world market. Why not take also a leading role in BIM.

Presented were also the results of large BIM pilot projects of the German state and from the private sector. All the speakers have spoken very positively about the use of BIM and stresses that future projects only to still be done with BIM.

The German government wants to lead by example. Stage 1 will be implemented by mid-2017th For stage 1 the BIM performance level 1 is reached. Other BIM performance levels are not yet finalized. For stage 2 performance level 1 are numerous other BIM pilot projects and the contractual nature of the German state of construction projects completely adapted on the basis of BIM. From 2020 the German government will then BIM employ and use the full screen.

Contents have performance level 1 involved many experts from all area of industry, chambers, associations, municipalities and the software industry in the creation of BIM. Were also taken into account the experience of other countries. Based on the BIM performance level 1 already successful BIM projects can be implemented today. All those involved in the construction industry are encouraged, together with the German government to achieve the performance target. In BIM performance level 1 three area have been described.


The client information requests include all necessary requirements for BIM. The exchange of data in BIM projects is handled exclusively through manufacturer-neutral data formats and standards.

Germany is for the free market economy and therefore is committed to Open BIM. Software vendors are encouraged to implement vendor-neutral data formats and vendor-neutral standards in their software products consistently. The customer decides on the location of each project participants will have an access to the shared project data. Due to the amount of data database driven solutions are useful. All are encouraged to find a common and neutral approach.


BIM is a collaborative cross-company and team-oriented approach. Using a BIM execution plan workflows, interfaces, roles and interactions are defined.

All speakers have addressed this necessary change of culture in the construction in their presentations and are convinced that the projects are characterized much better handled to the satisfaction and economic benefit of all stakeholders. Competent individual fighters are no longer in demand.

Procurement, contract design and qualification

The use of BIM is by all persons involved in the project a high degree of BIM skills ahead. This applies not only in the technical implementation of BIM projects but also for the contracting and awarding of contracts as part of projects.

Germany, the large companies but especially the middle class will need in the future, many well-trained and competent BIM staff. In all training areas of the construction industry in the future is part of the issue with BIM into the curriculum.

At the event, one of the speakers said at the end of a contribution to all participants “Let’s do it!”. I agree.

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Source: https://ulfkrause.wordpress.com/2015/12/18/lets-bim-it