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Influences of 4-D BIM on Abstract/Modern Architecture

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We examine how the use of 4-D in Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a significant tool of the future. The use of this new technology allows project managers to manage projects, contractors, and other areas of the project with time management, overall cost, cost of work, and other factors that are demanded from modern/abstract architecture. Defining what 4-D consist of in the world of BIM, we will then give a brief history on what the term abstract means and how it can be applied.  Next we will cover a brief history of architecture and look at how it has evolved into modern/abstract architecture. Architecture has been an essential part of history for our survival.  Conjoining the two we will walk around abstract/modern architecture and how architecture is becoming more complex with more demands to meet the evolving world we live in. Finally we will discuss how the use of 4-D BIM can impact the completion of abstract/modern architecture by allowing the management to better manage information of the project. Being able to use 4-D allows for a better management in the complex designs of abstract architecture.

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