BIM and Robotics: A Modern Twist on Classical Architecture


First, there were skyscrapers. When those weren’t tall enough, we turned to supertall skyscrapers, which encompasses anything over 984 ft (300 m). Now these structures populate big cities the world over. Their designs have become common and predictable—but Manhattan may soon see a new twist on an old favorite.

A new project proposal for the city’s “Billionaire’s Row” (which is West 57th Street, in case you weren’t sure) hopes to see something a little different soaring over Central Park.

The tower design proposed for 41 W. 57th St. doesn’t yet have an official name. Its designers have dubbed it the “Khaleesi Tower,” a reference to the Mother of Dragons on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Its other nickname, given by members of the media, is the “Michelangelo Tower.”

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